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Swinnen Meat puts quality first. This is why we are HACCP and FSCC certified. That means that we have been approved when it comes to the storage and distribution of food and for food safety. Traceability right back to the source of a piece of meat plays a key role in this. The fact that we can trace the origins of all the imported cows and steers we process is what makes our company transparent.

Swinnen Meat provides a constant supply of top-quality beef throughout the year. And we always have sufficient stocks of any cut you want to order from a cow or steer. We are also happy to provide a customised service. Simply tell us the cut that you want, and how you would like it cut and packaged. Are you looking for something special? We are always keen to take on a new challenge.


The processing of beef is in our DNA and returns generations. Jos Swinnen, the founder of Swinnen Meat, grew up between the cattle and assisted as a child and teenager daily on his father’s farm. After the butcher’s school, he started his own business and now he has all the knowledge and experience about his sons Joost and Freek. Like their brothers, they work with beef in the genes.