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 Family Taste

Taste the sensational flavour of master butchers. You can tell our very best products by their own Family Taste label. They are all cut to the customer’s wishes and individually vacuum packed.

Processing beef is in our DNA. Jos grew up among his father’s cattle and learned the skills of the trade from various butchers. After starting his own company, he built it up over 40 years and passed on his experience to his sons, Joost and Freek. Together, they have created a range of products in which where you can taste the skill of a master butcher.

The Angus Burger

This 100% Angus burger consists of pure beef with a pinch of salt and pepper. And we made the burger just that little bit thicker. Because that’s how we like it.

The Angus Rib Eye Steak

28 dagen dry aged aan het bot. Misschien wel het lekkerste rundvlees op aarde. Ga op avontuur en ontdek de schoonheid van de rib eye. De oogstrelende marmering geeft malsheid en smaak. Dit karakteristieke vlees is perfect om te grillen of voor op de barbecue.

The Angus Filet Steak

The tenderloin is tenderest part of the animal. And it’s so delicious too! Fabulous structure that gently melts in your mouth.


The Angus Striploin Steak

Dry aged on the bone for 28 days. Perhaps the tastiest beef on the planet. Go on an adventure and discover the beauty of the rib eye. The stunning marbling makes the meat tender and gives it its great flavour. This characteristic meat is perfect for grilling or for the barbecue.

The Angus Rump Steak

This rump steak is an amazing combination of flavour and structure. The subtle marbling is a treat for the eyes and the pallet!